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Originally Posted by kurtnkegger View Post
If it's a pretty loud knock, instead of a clicking, it could be the knock of the ring gear and the pinion backlash as your locker engages, and frees. Mine will make horrible noises with tight turns and the clutch depressed, opposed to the clicking from the locker as I'm putting a little power to the drive train. I never had the noise till after I installed my Aussie Locker...I assume the noise is normal...
It is EXTREMELY important to have proper spacing when either an Aussie or Lock Right is installed. Spacing is established with the thrust washers that go between the side gears and carrier. Most commonly, the thrust washers have worn and there is too much spacing between the locker drivers, resulting in the loud clunks.

Whenever installing an Aussie or Lock Right, you need to get a full set of different sized thrust washers to have on hand. You have to do the full install, and then measure the spacing. If it is out of range, you have to take it apart and replace the thrust washers with those of proper thickness to achieve the necessary spacing.

I wrote an article that was published in Toyota Trails on all this. I can't remember the precise date but I remember it had a pig on the cover. In the article I gave the spacing range and Toyota part numbers for the different thickness thrust washers.
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