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After I fixed the throttle cable I am still impressed at the responsiveness even with 247K on the odometer. My S10 Blazer was pretty much dead at 160K (I was third owner).

I can drive it for a while but eventually I'm going to have to do something. Once again I tossed and turned over all the options, just like everyone else who has a 1FZFE with high mileage and low mpg. I've narrowed it down to 3 options. Maybe you have some others? If so post up.

1. Just keep driving my gas saver Saturn or go get the Rav 4 like I want, freshen the 1FZFE and park the 80 and only drive it once a week or on trips.
2. Swap in a diesel.
3. Swap in a diesel AND keep driving my gas saving car/Rav4

Obviously I'll have keep doing #1 for now.

As for swapping a diesel I found a thread about swapping a 4D34 diesel. Seems like a lot of work but engine went in great. I also read about a 4BD1T or 4BD2T swap but that was into a 60. Both came in at around $5000 (them doing the work themselves). For me it'd be more like $7000 due to lack of tools and probably needing to hire out welding and such.

Can a 4BD1T or 4BD2T even be swapped to an 80? I've seen two threads saying it can but AFAIK they never started.

Why isn't the 12H-T (err whatever it is) a good swap?

Anyone around here for hire to do a diesel swap?
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