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I'll chime in a little here. Ice was the understatement of the morning/day/night!! The two 80's were built with full armor, winches and lockers. We all aired down to 15-20 psi and the Suzuki was able to air down to 3psi. The third rig was a built Suzuki that save our "lives"!! Every time the 80's got stuck in broken ice or lost traction on the hills, the 1,500lb Suzuki zipped around us and hooked up and pulled us out. I burnt up my 9k winch, my fault for not getting a 12k one, and kissed a little tree stump on my passenger side door. Then ripped off the fender flare on the driver side trying to get traction via tree branches. I got high centered up front, stuck on a good size bolder going uphill( snow and ice) and cursing the day that I forgot my snow chains and chain saw for the downed trees crossing the trails. All this an my sister in law from Missouri still had a good time.
You'll have to ask Travis about his backward slide downhill about 100ft as I reversed out of his way as fast as possible staying on trail and not sliding off the ledge, hitting a tree or the large rocks.
The threat was real about an overnight stay. Great teamwork and determination saw us through the storm and back to Hwy 72 completeing the Coney Flats and MSV loop.
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