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Default Baseline recommendations?

After many moons of my FJ being lost in the girl pack that is my life and major stress at the office, Rebecca finally has her own car. We had originally planned on finding an 80 (Jeff, thanks for all the conversations) but after borrowing one from a friend a few times, Bec wasn't too hip on them.

Monday morning, during my daily Autotrader/Craigslist/Carsabi cruise, I spotted a very clean '03 Sequoia at a dealer up the road. It appears to have been very well taken care of. Previous owner was local and apparently used the Sequoia when the weather wasn't good enough for the Ferraris. Paint is in very good shape. No cracks in the leather. Carpet is clean. It had been undercoated. No leaks underneath. Needless to say, Bec is a happy camper and the es absolutely love all the extra room. Hopefully the sisterly "love" in the backseat will subside.

Anyway, I'd like to go through it over the next couple of weeks and baseline it. Planning on changing the fluids (oil, diffs, t-case), filters and hitting the necessary zerk fittings. Any recommendations on other things to do? I do need to replace the power antenna motor and maybe the mast as well since it doesn't go down when you turn the radio off. Replacing the tape deck with a nav unit this weekend. The girls wanted to know what the big slot was for and all I could do was laugh.

Btw, it's fuggin huge compared to driving my FJ...
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