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Sorry about the details, this was a couple of guys from work. We had two locked, lifted, and armored 80's and a built Suzuki Samurai. We were all completely locked at all times and everybody used their winches. I think that there was a least 6 tow straps put to use at various times and more shackles than I could count. More than once we had to anchor the Sami to a tree and use him for an additional anchor point. The ice on the hill was unbearable. 3/4 of the way up the hill I lost traction and stopped to wait for a tug from the Sami. Just as I contacted him on the CB, & with two kids in car seats, my rig began an uncontrolled 50+ yard slide backwards nearly taking George (Cajunrock) out in his 80. It was an act of God that we didn't collide nor roll off of that hill. After I changed my shorts we had the discussion of continuing on or somehow winching ourselves back down the hill. Driving down the hill without being strapped up would have been very sketchy at best. Although we made it through the trail does need maintenance. There are numerous trees down, most of which we winched out of the way and the others we were able to drive over. Per my GPS our average “moving” speed was 2.4 mph. George’s sister-in-law was our photographer but I’m pretty confident she stopped snapping photos after the “hill incident”. I’ll ask him if he has anymore.
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