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Default HT - depends on what you want to do

If you are looking for just a rig to rig radio, 2m only is fine. However, if you want to do more I would recommend getting dual band 2/70. The reason is some repeaters are on 70 cm e.g., Steamboat, Winter Park on Colorado Connection and Colorado Springs MARC. Yes, most are 2m but what if in the rare occasion you need to use that 70cm repeater? I have the Yaesu FT60 it is 2/70 and the nice thing about it is you can get a battery pack that uses AA batteries and still get 5w (full power), not true with most other HTs. If you want to TX and monitor another frequency some of the VX series will work, such as the one mentioned above. If you want APRS go for the VX-8 series. Other accessories to consider are a longer whip (1/4 wave) to replace the lame rubber duck, a remote mic (useful while driving) and a mag mount (full size or mini). Even the 1/4 wave mini works pretty darn well on a good ground plane.

By the way broadcasting on HAM frequency would get you in trouble. Hint, that is likely a test question
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