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It's her DD at the moment, but the plan was for her to get a zip about instead of the 80. I was planning on taking it at that point and retiring the 40 from those high speed snow runs in the desert. The 80 is locked, lifted, aggressively tired, HG done, brakes done, and a boatload of other maint including new leather and seat heaters. It's really a nice truck. I know 100's are nicer, but are they $9-10k nicer? That's a lot of beans to get into a stock 03 from a half modified 80.

So the guy is coming to look at it on Saturday. I'm still on the fence on what to do if he makes an offer close to what I had it advertised for. If I sell it, I'll probably get a 100 for her instead of a zip about, but that means no mods or wheeling for a long time. That might not be all bad though. I've been leaning towards buying a quadcopter, goPro, and FPV and making some killer vids. I can't fly and drive, so I could ride with someone the next time we go to the desert and set up for shots. I think a flyby crossing elephant hill at night would be EPIC!
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