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galactic gray, nice. It's the only color besides white I could deal with, maybe the thunder cloud.

reality is my needs are maybe different than barrys. I like a well set up 80. treeroots, jackets, bruce's, etc. i just can't move the seat back far enough and if i used the extender it would put the seat into the kids being as tall as i am. Not to mention i hate having the a pillar in front of me. I had the same mod done in my old 60 and ended up hating it. I always hated the fender flares and crappy molding the 80 has. The 100 has clean lines imho. For me the move to a 2004 with nav, steering wheel radio contols, nav, 5speed make it nice. As davis always says the front seat is a barcalounger.
For what i've wheeled, ehill, the alpine tunnel, alpine loop, usual passes in cb etc. For me the 100 is 90% as capable as an 80. The 80 is only maybe 50% of what a 100 is on road.

I can't wait to mod it in the spring.
See you on the trail
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