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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Most specs say hand tighten until the crush washer touches and turn another 1/2 turn, follow this exactly. Or reduce your torque wrench setting by about 50% (which is really important anytime you use anti-seize, not just on plugs).
In my opinion the 50% reduction general recommendation could be dangerous, especially on critical clamping force applications. That is a lot of reduction and in any case different lubes will have different results, way too many variables for a general statement like that.

As for the tightening 1/2 turn be careful with that as well, some may have 1/4. Check manufacturer guidelines for your plugs and head.

For you new Sequoia, Toyota should have those specs. I have always had luck going to a dealership and getting copies of the pages from factory manuals for what I work on, if I don't happen to have the FSM.

In any case, the topic of anti seize on plugs has people on both sides of the discussion regardless of plug type. The one common theme is, use it sparingly.
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