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Default Sanity check: crankshaft pulley removal

I've been doing some reading as I prepare to change the timing belt on the T. One thing I cannot seem to get a straight answer on is what the best way is to remove the bolt that holds the crankshaft pulley on.

Some write-ups demonstrate the use of a homemade SST that prevents the motor from turning while removing the bolt. This method would be advisable for trucks with an automatic transmission, correct?

Since I have a manual, I should be able to put the truck in gear and set the parking break to prevent the crankshaft from turning while I loosen the bolt, right? To do this, I think the best gear would be 5th, because it requires the most force to turn the motor? Some stuff I have read indicates that 1st gear is best, it just doesn't intuitively make sense to me that that could be the case...
Rick Maestas

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