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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
If this is a 3.4l engine - the usual method is to install a socket with a breaker bar resting against the frame, and then simply hit the starter very briefly.

This worked nicely on my '98 4Runner to break this nut loose. This is a well documented and frequently used method. Just be careful that the breaker bar doesn't fling into something that matters in the engine compartment. You might get an assistant to help, and be sure to disable the ignition so that the engine does not start.
This is how I spin it loose on the 22R-E, too. There's a flat on the left side frame rail that seems located just for this, too. I have an 18" breaker bar that is plenty long although couldn't say this is the case for a T100.

I tighten it in gear, parking brake on with chocks and braced with a strap. I use a cheater bar and torque until I think I feel a hernia, I pull the tree on the other end of the strap outside into the garage or the socket explodes, whichever comes first (so far no downed trees yet). That's 229.34 ft-lb at 72F and clear skies, might have to correct for current snowy pressure and temp. I assume the clutch will slip before I break that bolt.
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