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I guess I'll post a trip report here since others are.

Thanks for coming Dan, Kevin and Stan. Dan and I left the parking lot at 9:50. No sign of Uncle Ben. There was only about 4" of snow. We blazed up to the playground and where there was more snow. I made a half hearted attempt at the famous snow berm and got stuck. Out came the strap for the first time in a long while. We played around there for a while. I took Dan down the hill on the back side and got stuck again trying to back out. We got back on the main trail and headed up. I heard from Stan on the 460. He was at I70\6th.

On the kinda long hill I was having to make multiple attempts to get up. Then came Uncle Ben. I scooted around us with ease and looked real happy. We continued on up to Yankee Hill proper at timberline. There was about a foot of snow or so. Kevin was trying his best to get up Yankee hill and was denied. We drove up and around. I got stuck a few more times trying to get through a few drifts.

Stan managed to follow our tracks all the way up. We met him as we came off the top of Yankee Hill. He also looked real happy. We headed down. Kevin and Dan decided to take a tight side road down to the berm\playground. We went down and back up to meet them. I managed to get real stuck again in tight trees and Kevin had to pull my front end around to get me turned around. From there we all headed down and out. Good fun.

Pictures later. I have to get dinner for the family now.
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