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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Maybe it's time we get serious about a tires, suspension, and camping repeater..
Ha! That's not really what I was after. However I did get in on a morning weather check-in while I was on my way fishing once.

It was people checking in from all over with weather reports. Pretty interesting. Bunch of guys with home weather and HAM stations. I'm a Certified Weather Observer and fully LAWRS certified, so I pulled over and gave a mobile report. One of the few times in my ATC career that I actually found some use for the 2 hardest tests I've ever taken. Weather is fun to watch and report in the field, until you have to record, encode and disseminate it via ASOS. Then it becomes a mind numbing snoozefest.

I guess what I need is a better understanding of HAM radios and everything that goes with it. The Tech test doesnt prepare you for real world knowledge about most radio conversations. But, it's very possible that I'm just a dummy and it's all over my head anyway.
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