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Default Different Types of Batteries in a Dual Battery System?

Hi All,

Cross posting this from ExPo so my apologies. I am getting ready to install a dual battery system, and in the planning/research stage. I am going to go with the Blue Sea 7622 as it will provide a good deal of functionality for the price, fairly straight forward installation, and I can leave my winch set up as-is. However, one thing this Blue Sea ACR doesn't do is charge the batteries separately. They are either isolated or in parallel.

Given this, I am wondering what my options are for the type of second (house) battery. I already have a Diehard platinum as the starting battery. A better type for the house battery would be a deep cycle, but do I need to worry about a constant charge/discharge between the two batteries when in parallel? Or will the higher charge voltage coming off the Alt. negate that?

Basically just wondering if it is a "better/more reliable" setup to go with two identical batteries and the downside of running a starting battery as a house battery that has the potential to be deeply discharged and thereby reducing its life? I won't be running a ton of stuff off the house battery; some cabin lights, fridge, etc. The fridge can be set to not draw down the battery as much, but having a deep cycle sure would be nice for the extra fridge time.

I suppose one downside to having a deep cycle would be if the starting battery was dead and needed to jump from the house battery, the deep cycle won't do as good a job in that aspect.


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