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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
What jets do you currently have?

The recommended starting place for jets at higher elevation (according to Jim C and tested by myself and Ricardo) are:

112 or 114 Primary
180 Secondary
50/60 or 50/50 slow
and 60 Power Valve
Originally Posted by PabloCruise View Post
Does this guidance apply regardless of what year Aisan carb we are talking about?
No the guidance should not be applied without taking into account year. The jetting (in Martin's post) is for the two barrel carbs that were originally on F engines in 1974 down to late 1969. Beginining with the 2f (1975 and on up) the jets are larger in the early "F engine" Aisan carbs.

While the guidance is a good starting point for these early carbs, each engine will have its own sweet spot. For example, the Blue Mule started out with an F engine and ran great with a Jim C. rebuild and when Air Randy swapped the F for a rebuilt 2F, the jet sweet spot changed. When we put in a larger primary it really woke that engine up.
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