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Originally Posted by Telly View Post
I'm considering either restoring my original hood and windsheild latches or buying a set from CCOT. Mine are a bit rusty. A few questions:
1. The originals appear to be galvanized? If so, has anyone hot dipped galvanized the original latches? Not sure that would work too well with all the moving parts or look right with the shining galvanizing.
2. If I go with the painting the originals silver, is there a color/brand paint I should use?
3. CCOT has aftermarket black powdercoated latches that I could paint silver. Anyone done this successfully?

I shooting for an orginal look. Thanks. Doug

How original are you going for? I took mine off, hit on the wire wheel, and sprayed them with some silver hard hat rustoleum about 8 years ago and they are running strong and working great.
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