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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Randy, there are two different "clunks" the locker is making/causing.

The one you are speaking of is quiet enough that you can't really hear it in my video (it did make that ratcheting sound on my first turn - you might be able to hear it if you turn the volume way up). This clicking is normal and pleasant to hear, IMO.

The second clunk is a lot louder, more violent, and shakes through the drivetrain. That's the one I mainly was trying to capture on the video. This is the one that's no fun to have happen, and is the reason why I coast in neutral a lot whenever anticipating making tight turns.
Understood, I still believe that is the locker winding up and then letting loose. You can even hear the tires screeching before it starts clunking and banging. These things are horrible for exactly these reasons.

I installed a lunchbox locker in the rear of the Blue Mule. First time I drove it on the street, I made a left hand turn into a gas station and had to gas it through the intersection. About halfway through the turn it went BANG! and the whole drive train jerked. I was absolutely sure that I had broken a rear axle. I pulled over and actually jacked the rear end up to determine which axle had broken. Everything was fine, it was just the locker loading up and letting loose. It only did that occassionally but from that time forward I always tried to baby it through turns without giving it gas or by coasting just to avoid a repeat. The next best upgrade I did was replace it with an ARB.
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