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Default Starts then immediately dies... stumped.

Howdy folks-

Well, I just got into my cruiser to fire it up and it isn't acting right. I know all I need is spark, fuel, and air... so here is what I know.

Issue started a few days ago, then went away. It happened once before tonight and then fired right up, tonight I couldn't get it to go. This is literally the first time ever it didn't start on the first or second try.

My fuel level in the sight glass on the carb is half way. Good.

I have spark at all the plugs, verified with inductive timing light. Good.

The truck just starts and dies, choke out, pedal to the floor once, crank, crank, Varooom! dead.

Same with the choke out or in.

If I try to crank, crank, and tap the gas, same thing.

Waited for a long time to make sure we didn't flood the carb, dead.

I can see a small leak on the front of the carb where the throttle linkage "rod" runs through the base of the carb and is attached on the front outside face of the carb. Maybe one little drop per starting attempt... not good, maybe a vacuum leak? Sprayed carb cleaner on the leak while firing, no difference.

The interior or "choke" side of the carb looks pretty dirty.

I can't see fuel getting sprayed into the throat of the carb when starting and pumping the gas pedal... shouldn't I be able to see it spray?

All vacuum lines are connected, verified.

Here is what I still need to check:

That the fuel is coming into the carb, and for a dirty fuel filter.

FWIW, I installed a radiator today but it was a simple swap.

Kinda at a loss here, any thoughts are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Rezarf <><
Rezarf <><
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