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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post

I bought a rebuilt-25K-ago 2F recently that had uneven compression, and 3 valves had zero (or negative) clearance. Ouch. After adjusting, the compression came back up (mostly), but don't wait to check your valves. This guy waited too long. At this point, I don't know whether to just run it and hope the valves re-seat, or to have the valves redone, again.
This 2F pulls REALLY strong so I doubt there are any issues like that. It will do 55 up Mount Vernon Canyon, which is pretty amazing, especially for a fully smogged 60. I have about 3-4k miles on it since the rebuild (which did include a head job with new valves and re-cut seats). But typically the cam will wear a bit before it work hardens to the lifters and the clearance will diminish a bit. Hugh said that they had deliberately adjusted it a bit wide to compensate for that. I am due a free adjustment if I want to drive it all the way out to his shop in GJ...
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