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Originally Posted by spectre6000 View Post
I do have all FSMs for my model now, thanks. I probably should have at least cracked it to check in on some of the things I was unsure of... I may do that here in a bit; might be able to get some more accurate names to parts. Work in progress...

I got my hands on a later carb this past Saturday at EuroFord's house with Loudbay's 60 dismantling (a lot of fun!). I saw the vacuum actuated secondary (which was mentioned by someone in my Trigger thread). I was too busy trying to get it down and back up for SteveH to take with him (I had dibs on the jets) to really disect it too closely. There is a LOT of extra stuff going on there... Emissions kit is a bitch...
Yeah, there is a buttload (tech term) of extra stuff on the later carbs. Some of it is actually useful though, plus the later carbs flow more scfms. Among the more useful things is the high altitude compensation (HAC), which bleeds extra air into all three circuits for our high elevation. The actuation point is like 4,300 feet or so, but it really helps us up here.

IMHO the FSMs are practically worthless when it comes to Land Cruiser carbs. It might be that there were so many variants there was just no way they could get into useful detail. They are pretty much just overviews IMHO.
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