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Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
I don't think you pushed the pedal down hard enough or long enough then!
Hard enough yes, long enough maybe not I got to drive one on a autocross course during a GM sales training day. It was basically a 2nd gear course. Never got fast enough to need 3rd. Drifted it around all the corners. It was fun but did not leave a lasting impression. I also ran one unsupervised on I-70 for a while up in Summit CO. Again just not that fun IMO. Just never felt on the edge of control. The WRX STi was more fun to me. Just offered more of the seat of the pants driving experience. Maybe the Vette needs 150MPH+ to get that? But without a closed track we should never see that speed.

Honestly one of the newer cars I enjoy the most it the Mini Cooper. Its not fast by any means but always brings a smile when I drive it. Just a fun little car.
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