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I think the new vette is neat. RWD lightish car with power and space for turbos. And it I am sure handles pretty well if it handles better than the older ones.

The STI's WRX's and others are nice but don't last if repeatedly flogged on the track. In my opinion you kinda have to build something custom (swap v8 into something) to have the reliability and handling that an out of the box vette offers. Even then it is hard to beat the price point and you'll have something frankenstiened.. the price point is especially hard to beat in the used market. Sure a BMW or Porsche is nicer and faster and better in probably every way, but you'll pay for it. If you want to go out and play with the big boys and don't want to break the bank vettes have lately been a pretty decent option. This one looks better which is nice.

I also like the mini's. The new ones are actually fun to drive if they are the supercharged versions. The old ones are fun to drive also. I built and daily drove fire breathing original mini (1380, longman GT 7 head, monster cam, stripped to the bone, ect.) for a while. They are fun to drive if you can keep it from overheating, breaking, always wear a kidney belt, don't plan on winning any races against vettes, and don't drive long distances.
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