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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
Good radiator shops can fix the rear heater cores, if they are fixable at all. I had 3 cores done at one shop for $100 or so. Some shops won't agree to work on these, but some will - you need to carry in the heater core (if it's remotely fixable) and talk them into it.
I had one done for about $30 at Kittredge Auto Radiator. I had 2 others they said were no longer repairable. The key is the condition of the cores. Radiator shops can fix leaks where the tanks meet the cores, or even leaks in the tanks (end caps at the circular cores) but the cores themselves are unobtanium.

Among typical problems in old 40s (and of course, all of them are old) is that they all have the same things that wear out or rust through. Even 60s now. My headlight washer bottle reservoir is cracked. I have been buying some stuff from a guy here who is parting out his 60. His 60 has the same crack in the same place as mine. My daughter asked if I could snag a headlight washer bottle for her 60, which is cracked in the same place...
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