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13,000 miles later (now at 239,600) Still running strong. Tomorrow I'll be changing the oil and taking a sample to send for testing.

Still loosing ever so little coolant. Nothing new by pressure test two weeks ago. Threw on a new parts store radiator cap (had a new OEM one with my new radiator at the rebuild). Nothing noticeable. Did the dye kit. I see glow on the overflow bottle cap! Since I added the dye through the radiator cap, I don't think it was from when I added the dye, but I cleaned it off and will check tomorrow again. May be time for a new overflow bottle cap. Nice. This was an original part. (If anyone ever wants to borrow the light just let me know)

I have recently developed a slight PS line leak. Not sure which one yet. I put on gates hoses. They were new, but I supplied them, so nothing to do with Robbie's work.

I'm looking for a fan pulley to remove the triple pulley that still slightly hits the AC belt and restore to OEM. I'll have that triple pulley for sale.
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