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Guess its probably time for an update?

Anyways, I got the truck running again today. However it was not without a few bumps in the road along the way-

1. While reinstalling the valve cover that I removed to replace the oil seal, a piece of plastic broke off and fell into the head. I chased it all the way to a hole that goes down to the oil sump, but couldn't be sure it wasn't still in the head with the exhaust cam in place. I removed the cam, and while replacing it had some of the holes strip that the cap bolts go into. D'oh! Luckily, Justin offered to lend a hand in bringing the threads back to life. We spent some time doing this one evening, and (very) lucky for me, he was successful and all the caps were torqued to spec.

2. The timing belt was tricky to get on. I ended up loosening the top middle pulley so I could angle it up and slip the belt on. It took some effort, but after the belt was on all the marks lined up.

3. As I reconnected the battery and attempted to start the truck, everything (all lights, gauges, etc) turned off as I turned the key. I got the multi-meter out and identified the cause as a corroded negative battery terminal. After cleaning that up, the truck started but...

4. There was a pretty nasty belt squeal going on. I turned the truck off right away, got under the truck and found that the AC tensioner idler pulley was the cause. I believe it was on its last legs as I removed it, and the reinstallation did it in. I removed the drive belt that turns it so I can use the truck until I find a replacement.

Big thanks to Justin for his help on this job! Also, thanks to RicardoJM for fabbing up an SST to hold my harmonic balancer! It made the installation process a breeze!
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