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Default F250 shock tower install

Hey, when you guys put these puppies on, how did you line them up with the shock mount on the axle? Mount a shock, let the axle droop, then mark the holes? From eyeballing it, it looks like it needs to go pretty far back, like I may even need to move the ground cable on the passenger side (I didn't flip the springs). But maybe not, checking it out tonight with the tire still on..

And can I just drill & tap a couple threaded holes in the frame, or should I try to get my fingers back there and put nuts on? I know TJ welded his.. but I would like to stick with bolts just in case I need to move them some day, seems to work for Ige & Treeroot and they wheel harder than I do. I'll put pictures of your installs below so y'all don't have to search. what's the best/cleanest way to cut the fenders? all comments welcome
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