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He's got IFS still Jeff, so an Air Locker is the only option for selectable.
Originally Posted by Evrgrnmtnman View Post
The other suggestion that came up was just lock one hub on the front???
What problem are you trying to solve doing this? The steering issue? You can run this way on trails to make steering possible, if that's your goal. What you'll have to do is get in and out changing one or both hub locks when you hit hard sections and hope you pick the right one that does not lift. Lifting the locked hub will be just like going back to 2WD with no help from the front end. Unlocking a hub with a Tru Trac wouldn't change anything, that's just like an open diff, so lock both. This is only something that you'd do with a locker or spool. It will wear out the diff faster, although I think alternating which side is locked will help.

On the highway it would probably make the steering unsafe. Open both or lock both hubs. Locking one hub will make the truck want to torque steer (sort of the opposite of both locked with a diff lock, which would make the truck /not/ steer), more so with a rear traction aid. If you don't have to drive the truck in the rain or snow, you could be fine, but there's no reason to lock the front hubs at all on dry pavement.

If you do it all the time it sorta defeats the purpose of a locker. The main reason IMHO to run a front locker is to reduce breaking CV axles and to give you that marginal increase in crawling traction. The rear locker is where you gain the majority of off highway benefit. The main downside to a rear locker is slick pavement and, of course, sharp turns. Slick pavement is solved by locking the front hubs and running in 4WD High (which I occasionally do even in the rain) and sharp turns are just adapting your driving style and rotating tires often.

A selectable locker is really the only way to go in the front, followed by an open. Any other way in the front just solves too few problems (as in specific trail spots) for being a PITA the other 99% of the time.
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