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Default Trigger Pulled...Literally

As Al Pacino said in Scarface "Say Hello to my little friend"

I just picked it up today, its a Colt M4 carbine with 2-30 rounds magazines. It's chambered for 22 LR so its not a "real" assault weapon by any stretch, just a high quality lookalike wannabe that shoots cheap ammo for plinking and small game. Crappy photo and the kitchen table cloth doesnt make for a great background

A friend owned it and was freaking out thinking he was going to end up owning an illegal firearm that he could never sell. Why would I want to argue with his reasoning? So I picked it up for a real good price

Amazingly, its almost impossible to find 22LR ammo. Every where you go it is sold out and no one knows when they will get more, I guess the hoarders are going nuts thinking its not going to be available in the future. So I called in a favor from a friend at Wally World and I now have 2000 rounds. That should satisfy my target shooting urges until things return to normal for ammo sales.
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