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Default Hydraulic cylinder help needed

I got an older Central Machinery metal cutting bandsaw for free. I cleaned it up good, added oil to the gearbox, replaced the blade guide bearings and installed a new blade. It seems to cut really good.

The only problem is the cylinder that controls how fast the blade lowers. Initially it did nothing and there was no resistance up or down. I removed it, put it in the vise vertically and removed the top fitting with the ram all the way in. I added several ounces of hydraulic oil until it was full. I figured this was the best way to top it off and get the air out of it. I reinstalled it and it was working correctly other than it didnt begin to resist until it was about halfway down. I figured it was probably still not 100% full of oil and may still have some air in it. But, it was still very useable.

About an hour later I raised it up to check something else and when I went to lower it, once again there was zero resistance. No matter what position the on/off valve is in or how tightly the fine control valve is screwed in, no resistance up or down.

Has anyone worked on one of these things before and know how to get it full of oil and all of the air bled out of it? It may be bad seals but when I try to pull the cylinder out, I can only get it to come about 1" and then the pressure is strong enough I cant get it any further. I cant see how the cylinder disassembles anyways. Any recommendations?
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