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Default Someone pulled my trigger. New FJ40.

I put up a pretty generic craigslist ad looking to trade my 80 for a 40. I've mentioned on here multiple times I have 40 envy, and have had all kinds of cockamamie ideas on the matter. I wanted to put my nice 60 drivetrain into a non running low rust 40. That didn't happen. Actually the opposite happened. Found a nice guy who traded me my 80 for his running 40. It has a good amount of rust mitigation to be done still, although the previous owners have worked on it some already. 1975, crate 350 still in the break in period, 4speed, but it's louder than my 60s 4 speed (maybe this is normal, maybe it'll need help soon), some lift, some rust, hardtop, pretty much complete according to my limited 40 knowledge. Definitely driveable as is.

I need some stock looking steelies, and I'd love to adjust the 4 drum brakes for a bit more anti-oomph. Maybe that's impossible, and means sourcing front discs. I'd love one of you 40 gurus to look it over with me and help point out any more issues and help me learn a bit about it. Also, any tips on doing some body-on rust mitigation on the frame and undercarriage? No nasty rot down there, but lots of surface rust. Some rot on the tub and fenders of course....

Bruce seems to be a good guy, and I told him about the club so hopefully well get to meet him soon.

So excited! Pics in the a.m.


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