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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
anyone have knowledge of old epi pens? our son has a mild peanut allergy, and every year we have to buy new ones because they expire (and his school is anal about expiration dates). Not knocking the system here, but the reality is he'll likely never need it- after his second handful of peanut m&m's his tongue gets a little itchy... nbd and he knows the feeling and when to stop.

but curious if the old ones would still be good, or useful to anyone here, etc. don't think we have any right now but i could easily save one next time. they're expensive!!
Personally I wouldn't hesitate to use an expired epi pen or drug depending on the alternative. I've heard that expired drugs may lose a little of their potency. I would absolutely get some Benadryl on board quickly- either liquid or crushed up pills.
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