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Default The new 40 and some questions...

Here's some daytime pics, I'm going outside now to rip out the interior and hunt for rust. I bought some roll on hammered rustoleum for inside the bed, but it may be too cold for it to set up.

What are the bolts on the side of the top for? They're on both sides... I would say it's previous owner tomfoolery, but I'm not sure...

Where should the licensce plate wires wire into the harness? They're just dangling...

What stockish steel wheels are people running? I have a set of 32x11.5x15s and a set of 275/70/16s, both BFG ATs, both pretty nice and newish... Either should fit on the 60, so on the 40 it will come down to proper looking wheels I think... 15s or 16s won't really matter to me.

More questions as I go through it.

We did find one of the rearmost rear spring hanger is not so safe looking, so Euroford and I will be tackling that sooner than later, we'll probably try to get a better shackle angle while we're at it. Tim is going to be a BIG help with this project, and many thanks to him!

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