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This is about an hour worth of work in the tub with the wire wheel. Black spray paint coming right off. Looks like the rear sill has been replaced once before, and is going to need to be worked on again. Other than that, no terrible surprises so far. The passenger mid body mount looks like it will need work, so maybe that entire strip will get replaced. I'm starting to grind into some sort of white plasticky smelling body filler there. Any idea what it is? Sorry for the poor phone pics, it's just so darn convenient.

Tomorrow: pull the seats and the cage, the rear heater and wire wheel the rest. Then brush on the hammered rustoleum (hopefully warm enough), install the carpet kit that came with it, and see what is involved putting in the bestop front seat I have. Sunday, junkyard hunting for a samurai/tracker rear bench.

Thanks for all the knowledge sharing.

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