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Default finally making progress...

still not sure if I'll make CM this year, but hey I'm going to try

Last year before the last day I figured out why my truck was acting weird, turns out after all the years of beating on it, the frame broke right at the front crossmember. I'm actually surprised it lasted that long, considering how hard I am on it and the fact that I never braced it back to the rest of the cage, or shock towers, or anything pretty much have 2-300 lbs of winch and still acting as a lever arm on the front of the frame.

So I cut it off...and then some more, and then some more, and still more yet to where I am today. I'm still a ways off but significantly closer. Its basically tube now with the exception of the frame rails. I'm going to hang my old toy skins on it (cleaned up and painted) so it looks like something.

anyhow a few photos starting from where it was and sort of where I am now
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