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Alright Spectre, I'll bring up the tranny and transfer parts from Tim's house and grab that hardware. Basically 100% is missing, rusted, or broken off in the threads. Two birds, one stone. Be sure to pull any you for sure need. I'm not reassembling until next weekend probably, so plenty of time to work it out... Still have to cut out some stuck bolts and paint some more. You come down the mountain to work right? What side of town? I think I'm going to need body mounts too, one spins. The one I want to use to mount the rear bench, otherwise I'd ignore it until welding up the areas of rot in the floor....

Euro, you can drive it anytime your heep isn't running brother! Convenient offer now that you're back on the road, lol.

Thanks Rover67. Good to see another LR convert. I'll hit you up if I need to.

Jerrycans on both sides? Maybe in Africa.

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