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Ah. Took some time away from the computer. That was nice.

The snow run was fun. About 23 rigs and 35 for pizza. Yankee Hill did manage to offer some challenging snow up high despite the lack of anything fresh. Kevin took his small group down the north side from the middle playground and found some challenge. They manage to go all the way down and circle back up to the middle parking lot.

Going up around the Yankee Hill at the top was fun. Then coming down Yankee Hill I didn't have enough speed, sunk in and had to have Kevin winch me down and through. Rudy was right behind me and did the same thing as well as others (it was nice seeing Rudy again). BJ made it through fine. Got some sledding in at the glacier area. Then took OMG Hill down into Idaho Springs and made it for pizza around 4pm.

We will certainly have to get back up after the next good snow. I miss the fresh stuff.

Here is Randy finding a little challenge that took him some work to get through. We are all able to blast through it after him.
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