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Default Fj40 drive shaft lengths

As you know I recently did the swap with a lot of help from the hard hitting mo'deckers here at rising sun. Pretty much got all the little details finished but I have hit a snag.

I thought I had bought (3) 4 speed pinion flanges and 4 speed drive shafts. The rear ds install went flawless, the front is another story. After we replaced the pinion flange on the output shaft of the tc, we noticed it didn't mate to the ds. The front diff mated up just fine btw. So we decided to slip the 3 speed yoke (smaller end) off the original ds and just put it in place until the new pinion flange came in from cruiser outfitters. Now the 3/4 speed ds mix was too short for a permanent fix due to 1.5'' if the splines showing on the ds. When the new pinion flange arrived I started to install that and noticed the "4 speed" yoke for the front was about the same size as the 3 speed. So I slipped it on and the same amount of splines are showing. App. 1-1.5 inches I guess. That seems wrong to me, right? Did I get a bogus front DS or since this is a 4 speed tranny and 3 speed tcase do I require a custom front ds? I am gonna pull the original 3 speed ds's out today and measure them but I feel a little stumped. so just for review:
7/70 fj40
2f engine
4 speed tranny-3 speed tcase
Stock height for now but installing a 2.5 inch soon
Anyone have any ideas?
Jeff Billingsley
Denver Colo
7/70 Fj40
desmogged 2f, 4 speed
TLCA #21898
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