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Default Never fun...

Got off the light rail yesterday after my night class and hopped in my truck, only to hit the clutch pedal and have it slam to the floor

I popped the cap on the clutch master and the reservoir was nearly completely dry. I didn't have any DOT 3 at the time, so I called home and my dad brought be a bottle along with some tools. We fussed around with trying to get the system bled for a while, but pressure in the pedal never really built up. I got the truck home in 2nd gear and that's where it sits this morning.

I'm thinking my clutch slave cylinder has probably failed. There wasn't an obvious puddle of fluid below the truck, although there is a soft line that bridges two hard lines in the clutch system, and it appeared a little weapy behind the fitting on one end. I'm not sure if this was due to a leak, or if it was just spash back from the road yesterday...

Regardless, I plan on replacing the slave cylinder and the soft line, then bleeding the system. For those with experience- is there any advantage to going with an OEM slave cylinder over whatever is on the parts store shelf? Any gotchas/tips/tricks for this job?
Rick Maestas

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