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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
If you only want to listen to the crickets at night, get as far away as possible from 162 . We like to laugh, talk, and tell stories late into the night. We also like to listen to old rock N' Roll music but we keep the volume down after Stevie goes to bed.

Though we may stay up late things remain pretty civilized around the fire. Sascha lets his little guy hang out with us and we havent corrupted him. Brady can get a little crazy and dance around with a lamp shade on his head, or throw peoples keys in the fire, but he's always lights out by 10 PM anyways. The fire circle is open to anyone who wants to come by, just bring your chair and drink of choice. If you really want to be accepted warmly into the group, bring a bottle of manly whiskey. Dont bring any of that foofoo flavored stuff that Brady brings.
We are lucky in that our daughter sleeps better with some noise than total silence. We'll definitely head over for a bit, but I won't be drinking anything manly. This girl will be living on the wild side and having a regular Coke. I'm pregnant, so no fun beverages for me, but I'm sure my hubby will bring something to share.
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