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It's always a relief to have Dad, or a friend, come and rescue you. Should that not be an option, someday, it's good to know how to deal with a situation such as this all by your lonesome. We've all seen someone on the trail with a manual transmission vehicle start a killed engine with the truck in first gear and carry on. Shifting without a clutch is a skill every good wheeler with a manual transmission should be proficient at. If your starter and engine are up to the task, driving clutchless is really pretty easy and starting from a stop is the hardest part of the procedure but not really tough at all. Once you've driven away from a stopped situation shifting from gear to gear is pretty intuitive and easily accomplished even in downtown type traffic. Heck, even your average 18 wheeler driver can handle that. Just another tool in the skills bag that can save your bacon in a pinch should Dad not be available to help.
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