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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post

But I'm a stubborn butthead, I don't run actual tubeless tires, too heavy, you know, on account of having enough rubber not to leak air. :-)
I think this is basically my issue too....

I liked the cross marks ok when they were new but they loose what bite they do have fast. The aspens were nice, but shredded three of those in two months time.. They had supere thin sidewalls. Then I started running nanos in the rear. I actually liked that tire a bunch but they shredded fast too. The schwalbes were my favorite in terms of traction, the rocket Ron's hooked up really nice.. But for the price I couldn't replace them over and over again so I went back to the nanos.. Which for a while were unr 40 bucks. After I blew the last nano I started running throw always we had in the garage.. Those sucked.. So old and dusty.

In the front aftere swapping around tires a bunch I finally landed on the ardent 2.25... It lasted almost a summer which was nice, stops well and corners ok too. I finally tore it up at white ranch the other day and decided to change my philosophy finally...

I got one of the super heavy ardent 2.4s for the front and a fatty mountain king for the back. They both have super thick sidewalks and I am hoping they'll last a bit longer since they are actually meant to be more all mountin tires. Sure they're heavy, but I won't be spending a small fortune on tires every month.

Seans thread had morphed into a tire thread.....
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