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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
I got one of the super heavy ardent 2.4s for the front and a fatty mountain king for the back. They both have super thick sidewalks and I am hoping they'll last a bit longer since they are actually meant to be more all mountin tires. Sure they're heavy, but I won't be spending a small fortune on tires every month.
nice combo. curious on your thoughts of the mountain king after you've ridden it awhile.

the crossmark/ardent combo was bad once they started getting old. i was not a big fan of the ardent up front. not very confidence inspiring.

the nobby nics are tubeless/snakeskin/buzz word/buzz word magic. went on super easy with no leaks at all. they've been on 6 months and i think i've only put air in them 2 or 3 times. the outside knobs look like they face the wrong direction but man, they hold a corner and when they start to slide, they are pretty quick to grab back again. i don't think i'll ever run a different tire on the SS or the SB-66 once i get it built.

the 303 i got has a muddy mary up front and a wicked will in the back. really curious to see how those perform.

Seans thread had morphed into a tire thread.....
no worries. it's all good in the hood.
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