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I have a funny dog story too.

My wife and I were in Scum Valley (If you are Kalifornian that would be Sun Valley) for an art show. I was walking our dogs around the outside of the outdoor show. A guy pulled up in a brand new Mercedes. It didn't even have tags on it yet. His wife got out and headed towards the displays. He started petting our yellow lab and was commenting on what a beautiful dog it was. Then he asked what breed our other dog was. He is actually a Yellow Lab/Standard Collie Cross but he is all black with pointy ears. He sort of looks like a mini wolf. So he asked, "What kind of dog is that dog?" I couldn't resist so I told him that he was an imported Dingo from Australia. He then started petting him and started looking at him and mumbling some words to him. Our dog sort of just stared at him looking at him like he was some sort of idiot. So then the guy asked me, "Does he understand English or do you have to speak Australian to him?" I couldn't help myself and I told him that he only understood Australian. There were some other travellers who had heard our conversation and when I explained that you had to speak Australian to him they started giggling. So then I called my dog I said, "Tossi, Come, Sit, and then Stay." He did everything I asked. And then I said, "See he understands Australian just fine, but if you just wanted to say HI you'd have to say G'day Mate."

Not as funny as yours but if you could have seen the other people trying not to laugh at this guy you would think it was funny too. On the way home I told Ginger what I had done and my comment was, "How can you be wealthy and stupid?"
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