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Default Name that clunk!

This clunk has been getting progressively worse for the past 3-4 months. It's to the point now where it should be obvious, but I can't seem to nail it down. It happens exactly once every time I drive the 100, unless there's lots of forward/reverse in which case I can get it to clunk each time the direction reverses. But only if gas is involved... if I just coast down the driveway it doesn't clunk, it's only if I give it some gas when hitting reverse.

So far I've checked:

-Driveshaft bolts
-Tires, lugs are tight
-Wheel bearings (no play when trying to wiggle tire)
-Brake pads (they look fine, and aren't cracked). they do however have a tiny bit of play, as if I could maybe fit one more shim behind them, but that wouldn't cause this clunk
-Caliper bolts - freshly tightened, and they were tight before. I really thought it was a loose caliper though, as that's exactly what this clunk feels like
-Sliders - Not interfering, and u-bolts are tight

will see if I can get some movies to upload... you should be able to right click, then save target as.

movie#1 from outside the vehicle
movie #2 from under the front bumper (sorry about the upside-down, I'm sure there's way to flip that but I didn't want to get into it)
82 fj40, 06 gx470

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