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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Some of the elements have been mentioned in other threads, but I wanted to get this stuff all in one place. So let this be the official definitive ham radio on a motorcycle thread. As I see it there are four main areas of concern:

1. power
2. the radio
3. remote microphone, remote speaker connectivity
4. antenna

So with that, I will ask that anyone with knowledge or a somewhat knowledge-based opinion please post up car dvd players your recommendations to any or all of the 4. Is there a 5?

And why would you even want to have a ham radio on a motorcycle? Well for starters all the same reasons you'd want one in a truck- main ones being communicate with others on the run, and reach out for help if there's an emergency and no cell coverage. Are there others?
In my opinion it is best to use bluetooth speakers and enjoy music. It is risk free and you can have fun

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