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Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 View Post
I just pieced together a used Yeasu2500 and a byonics tinytrak3+ and gps...neat stuff.

I tested it out on the commute today and have a question about how to set the squelch/vol on the radio. it seemed to work fine but then I started messin' with buttons and came up with questions.

I assumed I'd set it up like I set up the car dvd players radio kinda like for voice to only hear a signal when it breaks squelch. But I understand aprs will wait for a break, and then transmit...but if it's squelched too high, and there's other traffic, then what?? does it bounce or get bumped? should I have it squelched to nothing or really low? there's no real guidance in the instructions that I've found.

*I've pestered Byon several times with other dumb questions and that guy is great! Go to if you are interested in this APRS stuff.

FYI - with the wires for the Yaesu2500 I plug one into the speaker jack and one into the mic jack. since one goes in the speaker jack I can't hear it. So here are my other questions:

1. how should I set the vol and squelch?
2. why wouldn't I hit some digipeaters that are really close but then hit one down by parker (like 5-6x the distance to the nearest digipeater). too much traffic? I find that hard to beleive.
You must have got your APRS radio. I need one similar radio, so can you tell me a reliable source to purchase it.

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