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Default I pieced it together...

There are several ways to set up APRS in your rig.

1. buy an expensive radio that has it built in (Yeasu ft-350) - SWEET RADIO!
2. Go to and get one of there RTG (ready to go) systems: it's an all in one small package 10W transceiver, GPS puck, antenna and power hookup (Cig lighter or Powerpoles). I have this for my 40 and works great and is small...literally plug and play.
3. Piece together a setup using just about any 2m radio, a GPS unit and the TNC module to convert the GPS signal to packet info to send over RF.

I did #3 in my 60 because I wanted to always have a full power backup 2m radio. HTs are good, but I wanted the ability to have a 50w backup. I played the Ebay game and picked up a cheap Yeasu 2500, bought the proper cables from and the 'package deal' with GPS puck and TNC thingie.

Here are some links:
Ready To GO package:

Tinytrak3 (hooks to actual radio):
(I got the pre-built unit with GPS to hook to my ft-2500 it's the $107 one)

Cables list:

I'd look for any inexpensive working 2m radio on eBay, or I think a 2m radio under $100 is a good deal for this application. I got mine for like $89.

HTH...ask more questions as needed. APRS is pretty cool.

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