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On the knuckle, how clean are those areas where the smaller bearing races go? I can't tell in the pic if that's dinged up, but that would be a deal killer for me, moreso than the wiper area. Nice thing on a part time truck is that grease is going to sit around a lot more, won't get churned up until you pop it into 4- so you could get by with a poorer seal there technically, though worst case it could let more water in I guess. But how much more? probably wouldn't worry about it.

I wouldn't sweat that spring pin hole. I think the technical term is "wallered" though.. wonder why that happened? You could get a bigger nut or something for the pin though if you're worried about it? I don't think I would be, I think it's all in the U-bolts.

And the only concern I have with that diff is can you get the bolt out, and will it seal. Can you replace it with a new bolt, one with an allen wrench? Those are often lower than the standard 24mm, so you're protected a little bit from future rocks.

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