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Originally Posted by frontrange View Post
Auto. Not going to chip it. Got started down that path with the vette and never stopped. This car is my new DD.
I've built lots of fast cars of a variety of flavors and this is Al's daily...

Stock everything except for the tune, it is mild but adds the extra kick it needs. turbo diesels were built for chipping.

you'll love it stock too

My folks have an auto of the same vintage as ours and mileage is a notable bit lower. it'll be interesting to see what yours gives. The only thing i wish for sometimes is that we'd gotten a wagon. I think you'll really dig it.

Handling - I actually like the way our handles in normal city driving, it's very fun and corners pretty well. Snow tires and going fast on I-70 is another thing though it does muuch better with nice summer tires
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