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Took the LX in for its e-test today...Lucked out and there was only 1 vehicle in the AWD line in front of me...About 10 vehicles 15 minutes later

Based on Nemo's experience with 315 Toyos and my own measurements I took it down without swapping to the 285s. All was good till the truck started wandering on the high speed part and the young guy "driving" started to freak out and stopped the test. I thought I was done for - In hops the "pro" and off he goes...1/2 way through the second time he stops and I look at the monitor thinking crap. Nope, the LX passed the "fast test"...The pro gave me the thumbs up so the only thing stopping me would be the gas cap test but even that was a success! I could start breathing easier...

Given that just two weeks ago I did a home fix on my exhaust leak at the y-pipe and the tighter limits I wasn't real confident in passing. I'm good for another couple years I guess

Here are my results. Pretty dang good for a 16yo rig! Funny how some readings are higher/lower than what I got in 2007 & 2009. Not sure where my 2011 results are.

Name:  97 LX450 E-Test 2-9-13 (Large).JPG
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